Coffee beans and ground coffee.

Good mornings and good ideas start with great coffee, don’t you agree? The smell and taste of a quality, luxuriously exquisite coffee can be detected by the senses of true coffee lovers, those who cannot start a day without the flavour of power and life. Well, that is coffee. The delicate black liquid that makes everyone feel good and simply – alive!

Newcomers to the coffee world are regularly burdened by the paramount question: ‘Should I buy whole coffee beans or should I go for ground coffee beans?’ Opinions vary, as we all have different needs and expectations from coffee in both smell and flavour aspects. Hence, the coffee that tastes perfect to me, does not necessarily mean that it will taste amazing to you too.

However, coffee experts and experienced coffee-flavour detectors have the most out of professional answers when it comes to the aforementioned question that troubles the coffee-selection and buying decision. And it seems that all answers scream – WHOLE COFEE BEANS! Stay tuned and find out why.

Why whole coffee beans make a better choice than ground coffee? First and foremost, it is because of oxidation. Coffee oxidation is a powerful chemical reaction that thoroughly changes the coffee ‘chemical makeup’, thus causing coffee to go stale. And stale coffee kills the passion and vividness of coffee, making it unpleasant to drink. The truth is, ground coffee tends to lose the fragrance of coffee and it normally goes stale after 10 minutes of being ground. Hence, the main reason why coffee experts recommend grinding the coffee immediately before brewing it.

Frankly, there is nothing to be compared between the first smell of opening a pack of ground coffee and a pack of fresh, whole coffee beans. Yes, it is true that buying ground coffee will save you valuable time on coffee preparation. But, are those couple of minutes you would normally spend on grinding the coffee by yourself, worth sacrificing the unique flavour and quality in a delicious cup of coffee? Definitely not. According to coffee experts, the ‘grind and brew’ coffee option is the only way to ensure the coffee’s quality and of course, the heavenly pleasure of having a decent cup of coffee.

So, it seems that the dilemma has been solved. Now you have learned that if you want to drink the most flavorful coffee possible, you should turn to whole coffee beans. Another important thing to make sure is to equip yourself with a quality and versatile coffee grinder that will provide a perfect grind. Because, without a good coffee grinder, you won’t be able to extract all of the coffee-bean flavour. To make this easier for you, we suggest you to look for mill of burr coffee grinder. They offer even consistency, which is a key factor to get the most out of a genuine coffee flavour.

They say, chocolate is made from beans, coffee as well. And beans are vegetables. So, have you had your recommended 5 a day? If not, click here and try some top quality beans for a change!