Coffee is far more than just a popular drink. In fact, it is ubiquitous. There is no other beverage that is as appreciated and present in every aspect of our life than coffee; it can be seen in commutes, on desk offices and kitchen countertops all around the world. Well, that is coffee.


So, it is clear that coffee is definitely the most beloved drink on Earth, as it functions as a powerful ‘pick-me-up-drink’ on one side and a comforting treat on the other. Hence, the reason why coffee sales worldwide are showing an increasing progress of 20% per year, making the global coffee industry ‘heavy’ over $100 billion. Already surprised by this information? Do not be, because that is just an intro to what is coming next. Stay tuned and enrich your coffee knowledge with some of the most interesting, rather craziest facts about your favourite drink, coffee.


  • Each year, 500 billion cups of coffee are drunk all across the globe. 14 billion of this number goes to the Italian espresso.


  • The most preferred coffee drinks of world’s coffee population are: espresso, latte, cappuccino and iced coffee.


  • Statistic numbers show that every year, there are additional 50, 000 newly opened coffee shops in the world.


  • The National Coffee Association reveals that 50% of world’s population drinks at least one cup of coffee every day. Thus, both men and women consume an average of 1.6 cups of coffee per day. Another interesting fact is that women seem to be far more concerned about the price of coffee than men.


  • 30% of world’s population drinks coffee occasionally, which means that 70% belong to the passionate coffee drinkers that cannot imagine a day spent without coffee.


  • When it comes to ‘coffee time’, statistic numbers report that 65% of coffee drinkers prefer drinking their coffee during breakfast hours, while 30% of them drink their coffee between meals. The rest 5% are more likely to drink coffee beverages during meals.


  • As for the ‘preferences’, only 35% of the global coffee population likes to drink black coffee with no sugar added. The remaining 65% prefer to add sugar or cream to their coffee. And what about you?


  • For women, coffee has a deep meaning, as they see coffee as a drink of comfort and relaxation. For men, on the flip-side, coffee is the beverage that helps them get the job done successfully.


  • According to the International Coffee Organization, coffee is most consumed in Finland with an average of 2,000 kg of coffee per person, while United Kingdom is on the 10th place.


  • The average price of an espresso-based drink is £2.17. An average brewed coffee costs £1.50.


  • 31% of espresso-based drinks are sold by independent coffee shops, while the rest goes to brewed coffee.


  • Coffee shops are one of the fastest growing niches in restaurant businesses. Since there are coffee shops popping up everywhere around us, it is not strange that coffee shops hold 7% of the annual growth rate. By far, the coffee giant Starbucks holds the largest restaurant chain in the coffee world.