There is a lot more to coffee except its amazing taste. If taken wisely, coffee can do wonders in your life and make it more happening. I wanted to burn extra calories and finding it hard what to do. I added coffee in my diet and it worked wonders. The theory about coffee says that caffeine in coffee has an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. Once it was said that coffee causes cancer, but recent studies have shown that coffee helps control the growth of carcinogenic cancer cell growth. In addition coffee helps control bad cholesterol levels in the body.

In place of regular milk, soya milk helped me lose on calories. Or even black coffee also helps losing weight. Sometimes I had cravings for dessert or sweets after dinner, there also coffee helped me as a cup of coffee reduced the cravings. Reason being coffee is anti-suppressant.

My life, my job, my career: how coffee helped me succeed.I started taking coffee, even 40 minutes before workouts and see what happened. It increased the energy and alertness. To stay hydrated and keeps the stomach fuller I used to drink a glass of water for every cup of coffee I drank. One more problem I had that was overeating had turned me a diabetic and the one simple solution to increase insulin resistance was coffee because it is said to increase insulin resistance. Due to long working hours it was a stressful life and then again coffee came as a solution because the coffee I drank while taking a break had a relaxing effect on my body. It increased alpha wave activity in the brain and that relaxes body and lowers stress levels.

It does not mean that taking a cup or two of coffee is enough to burn fat. The type of coffee you drink creates a great impact on weight loss. I also took it cautiously and stuck to calorie free coffee. And a study has confirmed that, in addition to its craving controlling effect, coffee also induces the quick calories burn. I am a person very much benefited from a strict coffee diet and will ask people who want to burn fat to give a try to coffee.

Taking coffee to burn fat I got other health benefits also such as protection of the liver, lower cholesterol level increased energy, reduced muscle pain, increased activity of brain cells, lowered risk of type two diabetes, protection from Alzheimer’s disease, lower risk of Parkinson’s, fight depression, lower risk of cancer, lower risk of stroke, and can help you live longer. So what are you looking for? Follow me and take a cup of coffee every day and live longer.