That early morning kick, those silly gossips over each sip, those tiring night shifts, that evening family-time, all would have been insipid without the aroma and liveliness of coffee. This one beverage was there with you in your different moods; when you were tired, when you were lazy, when you were gleeful when you were carefree. What would life be like without this exotic beverage? Yes – coffee!

Today, imaging life without coffee might seem something next to impossible. But there was a time when a cuppa of Mocha or Espresso wasn’t known to the world. Are you curious about its origin? Let’s take you on a journey related to the discovery of coffee beans.


The history of coffee is anything but a simple timeline of events. Its discovery and journey from that point to becoming the world’s most popular beverage did not happen overnight. It is a saga that unruffled over a period of thousands of years. From far-flung, tropical islands to the centers of international trade, Coffee is not just a drink; it is magic. There are several stories related to the discovery of coffee beans that lead to making of this aromatic drink. Given below is an account on the most popular of these and the timeline that followed:

Coffee Beans Were First Discovered by Goats: the Legend of Kaldi

In the highlands of Ethiopia, Kaldi, a local goat herdsman noticed his goat grazing around the peculiar bush in a rather exuberant mood. It was then that he decided to taste the succulent red berries of that bush himself. After consuming the berries, he felt elated and energised. He ran to the chief monk of the village with claiming that the berries made unseen properties.

The monk disapproved of their use and threw them to fire. The aromatic fragrance of roasted berries soon spread in the air and generated curiosity amongst the fellow monks. These beans were then powdered and brewed with hot water. That is how the world got its first cup of coffee. This was back in the 9th century.

How Did Coffee Reach the Rest of the World?

After the findings of coffee beans in Ethiopia, the word about their magical properties travelled across the globe!

Coffee Beans

Arabs were the first ones to discover the secret of coffee beans. In the early 1100s, Arab traders reached back to their country with these beans and their trade became a popular thing. It was only in the 15th century when the cultivation of coffee started in Yemen. They started brewing their own version of coffee infused with herbs, cardamom, cinnamon and other flavourful spices.

Eventually, in the 1600s, the popularity of coffee beans rose and they reached Venice. There has never been a downfall in the consumption of coffee eversince. Coffee plantations also increased across the globe and thus, the world got its most-loved beverage in the form of coffee!

What’s it in the Name?

Interested in knowing how coffee got its name? Read on a quick fact below:

The word ‘coffee’ is derived from the Dutch word ‘koffie’, which has been borrowed from the Turkish ‘kahve’ that in turn comes from Arabic word qahwah.

As per the Arabic etymology, qahwah is a type of wine. This word comes from the verb qaha that means lack of hunger. The word qahwah is sometimes also traced back to the word quwwa meaning power or energy. All these summed up together and evolved over the years gave us our favourite word Coffee!

That is all about the discovery, history and naming of Coffee. Hope you had a good time reading about this. Next time when someone asks you about the glorious past of coffee, jump up on your feet and narrate this wonderful story!